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Oct 1, 2012 9:00pm PDT
scott walker. >>> wisconsin is open for business! >>> i've known scott walker, the governor of wisconsin for the better part of 20 years and scott is a classic career politician, and i don't say that in a negative way. >>> journalist and wisconsinite john nichols has tracked scott walker's career since the 90s, when walker was a state legislator and an alec member. >> and in010 ran not presenting himself as an alec alumni or as an ally of big corporations or big business people outside the state. he ran a very down-home campaign. >> this is my lunch. i pack a brown bag each day so i can save some money to spend on the more important things in life like sending my kids to college. >> nichols says that despite the folksy image, in the years leading up to walker's 2010 campaign, he had become a master political fundraiser. >> and he began to forge incredibly close ties with a lot of corporate interests that he had first been introduced to in alec, individuals and groups like the koch brothers. >> david and charles koch, the billionaire businessmen behind a vast industrial empire are also p
Oct 25, 2012 12:00pm PDT
with the ouster of russ feingold and also the election of scott walker and then essentially the re-election of scott walker. then you put paul ryan in the state. his favorables at home are at 50%, pretty high. i think it is in play in the ways that you laid out, steven. i talked to the chairman of the rnc from wisconsin. they think the ground game in wisconsin is really, really good. of course they'll say that. they count wisconsin as a state in their column. i think probably even more than ohio. i think they feel really good about it. >> i agree that wisconsin is probably an easier reach than ohio, but i still don't see it. romney hasn't led in a poll there since august. he still has a three-point deficit. there's not much time left in the race. yes, scott walker won in the recall election. what the exit polls showed is a lot of people went and voted just against the idea of a recall. they were uncomfortable with recalling the state's governor. almost 92% of the people that voted for tom barrett are intending to vote for barack obama in november. only 76% of scott walker voters in
Oct 28, 2012 11:00am PDT
, scott walker and colorado's democratic governor, john hickenlooper. analysis on what will tip the scales in this historically tight presidential race. from our roundtable, from msnbc, rachel maddow. "new york times" columnist, david brooks. "washington post" columnist, ej dionne. former ceo of hewlett-packard, now vice chair of the national republican senatorial committee, carly fiorina. and our political director and chief white house correspondent, chuck todd. >>> good morning, on this sunday, as if it weren't enough to have an incredibly tight race, we now have inclement weather that is bearing down on the east coast. hurricane sandy, a super storm as described this could affect more than 50 million people along the east coast. we've got all of this covered, including the political ramifications of the storm, in the coming days as we are just nine days to go until the election. i want to go live first to asbury park on the new jersey shore where nbc's al roker will take us through the latest. g including, al, what you were talking about yesterday, which is we could see the aftereffect
Oct 9, 2012 2:30pm PDT
-americans and some others. voting for scott walker in wisconsin and the one in ohio, not realizing the public-sector -- cops and firefighters and teachers have become the new slackers and moochers who do not deserve what they are getting. there is an opportunity for democrats and people who care about social justice to say that everything we have been saying about african-americans to you, building this new republican majority, everything they have been saying, they are starting to say about white people. tavis: there are a number of ways that i can inform your question. if i had an hour, i have got a bunch of them that i would like to add, but what i do not understand, and this is not to demonize republicans, but it is a fact. we now live in the most multi racial, multi-ethnic america ever. i do not understand what they will do long term if they do not expand their base. >> it will be a real battle. if mitt romney loses, and it is too early to say that will happen, they have to double down on a strategy of turning out their older white base and just not thinking about the future. they have m
Oct 2, 2012 9:00am PDT
. that is interesting to me given everything that's gone on in wisconsin. talking in the break about the scott walker factor, labor discussion. people that voted to keep scott walker in office that are supporters of the president. the other complicating factor paul ryan is from wisconsin. >> right. if you look at the detail of the polls there, then paul ryan will give romney a boost maybe in his district in downstate wisconsin but maybe not statewide so much where paul ryan is not a statewide office holder. he is from the house. he's not going to be that much more familiar to a voter say in green bay, which is outside of his district, than to a voter in richmond, virginia, or something, right? it's that local connection you have that seems to help and it's a very local connection for paul ryan. but wisconsin is a state that can be quite volatile. although in those -- in the same exit polls that had correctly -- that had walker winning the recall, the same voters majority said i want to vote for obama anyway. and so wisconsin, he won it by 14 or 15 points some large margin in 2008. you can have the ti
Oct 31, 2012 3:00pm PDT
county was one of them. but then it swung back to republican scott walker for governor in 2010. the question is what next? st. norbert college political scientist wendy scattergood says that even in a deeply divided electorate, the wisconsin tradition of tough-minded independent voters is alive and well. >> they tend to be moderates. they do want to see bi- partisanship. they want to see people working together. and so when they get really frustrated or if their perception is that either on the right of the left that they're moving too far to the extreme, they throw them out of office. but having done that only two years ago it wouldn't surprise you that this state could flip again? yeah, absolutely. we have a tradition of being very, very closely matched between democrats and republicans, so those independents can make all the difference. >> you can canvass, phone, input data, whatever you want. >> reporter: how many persuadables are there? that's also being pursued by some major non-party player, who are, by law, required to work independently from the parties. one is we are
Oct 31, 2012 7:00pm EDT
republicans are counting on gains they made two years ago when scott walker became governor and both chambers of the state legislature flipped from democrat to republican. that was followed by a recall campaign started by public- sector labor unions aided by democratic state legislators and voters. all in all, it led to the chief fact of political life in wisconsin: bitterly divided, almost permanent political warfare for almost three years now. this is state that is both energized and exhausted. >> i can't wait for it to be done. i'm just tired of all the negative things. one person trashes the other one. >> the ads all seem to be negative. you kind of tune them out when it's negative. >> it is annoying with all the calls and the ads and all that kind of stuff. most people know who they're going to vote for anyway. >> reporter: republicans think they can build on the grassroots campaign that succeeded in thwarting the recall effort and on having native son paul ryan on the ticket. yesterday, the campaign brought a surprise star-- ann romney to the green bay field office to greet volunteers.
FOX News
Oct 27, 2012 11:30am PDT
, no more scat -- scott walkers. >> this is a big deal. >> i give the unions credit. they were on the back foot in wisconsin, indiana, mitch daniels took away the paycheck where you automatically, if you're a government employee, your due goes to the unions. now you have to choose. you have to -- >> by employee. >> so this is really an attempt to fire wall in michigan and try to push back. >> so, are the business groups sufficiently mobilized here to actually fight back or have they been caught napping and they could lose? >> they could lose. we suggest it would be -- issues coming up in california as well where unions are fighting initiatives to reign them in, public sector unions are the only entrenched lobby in america fighting for big government and the taxes to pay for it. and that's really the bigger battle in michigan, and across the country now. >> if it spreads it will be an empty victory because businesses in states like michigan and ohio, wisconsin, will move out. they'll go down to tennessee, kentucky, south carolina, and texas, leaving those state with nothing but these enormo
Sep 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the commissioner, mr. goodell -- alckey commissioner, mr. goodell, have cheering for them scott walker, the union-busting governor of wisconsin, and paul ryan, the union-busting vice presidential nominee -- he has become a labor activist spirit what a great country. >> strong note to follow, charles. >> you can always leave it to mark to find a partisan and will to anything. it was a lousy call it is just football. who cares? >> you watch this, and the amazing national interest in this, but lurking in the background is this existential threat to football, these head injuries. a billion dollar thing as the evidence mounts an ounce announced that football is bad for your brain. when is the day of reckoning coming? >> that is why need to freeze. >> that is exactly what you need referees. but they cannot do it all. there is a gladiator feel to it, when you look at how hard the hits are. it is really at the cost of these individuals' futures. >> it keeps us from hitting each other on the head. see you next week. do you remember what you did with your last cell phone? in the us alone there are over 50
Oct 8, 2012 7:00pm EDT
was once a stronghold for organized labor, but in the wake of scott walker's courageous and successful efforts to curb out of control collective bargaining in wisconsin and indiana becoming 23rd state for right-to-work. in 30 days a un-backed proposal could make the right to unionize a constitutionally protected activity. in other words, unchecked, unlimited power that could overstep any reforms. here now to discuss it is michigan republican governor rick snyder. welcome back to the show. this is a very unusual piece of legislation actually on the constitutional ballot. what's your take on this? where is it going, and waehat's your view? >> it's a very bad thing. they like to call it the collective bargaining proposal, and i call it the back in time proposal. it takes us back many steps. teld challenge a lot of great reforms we've done. michigan is the comeback state, and this is a major step back. >> if this passed, would this prevent emergency actions by the state government? there's some descriptions about school districts, small towns going bankrupt, even detroit. would this preven
Oct 31, 2012 7:00pm EDT
was boston by four points. the milwaukee suburbs, they went very strong for scott walker in that recall election this past summer. if that republican ground game is pretty good in wisconsin, for romney, just as for was for walker, he has a shot. >> jonathan, the big banana here is ohio. so people are spinning yarn. maybe these yarns are going to come true. mitt romney can win without winning ohio. how do you see the ohio race, jonathan, and are your -- is your super pack putting dough, big dough into ohio? >> oh, absolutely. and the race is deadlocked there. the voters in the southeastern part of the state are completely hardened against obama because of the war on coal. we'll be waiting up for that one. but there are other paths here, including wisconsin, and including iowa and colorado there. are a lot of different paths for romney. people aren't giving him credit. you should go to one of those website and play around with the math because romney has a lot of different paths right now. >> let me just introduce a fact to you. wisconsin, michigan, iowa. three states where president obam
FOX News
Oct 26, 2012 7:00pm PDT
there of governor scott walker's people, americans for prosperity and various other political groups that have really mobilized the free market forces in the state. they have been through a recall election. a senate recall. a judicial election. and, of course, the original election in 2010 and they won them all and i think wisconsin is going to go for romney. let me put this in a context, greta. i don't think any one has the overview. 179 lectorral votes and states john mccain carried. indiana and north carolina where he just barely carried and they will undoubtedly go republican. 25 votes between them. that brings you up to 204. then you have 51 votes in swing states that have at this point probably swung to romney. florida 29 votes where he is four or five ahead. virginia 13 where he is five or six ahead. and colorado 10 where he is four ahead. so that brings him up to 255. he has got to get to 270. so he is 15 short. then you have a market basket of 8 states that cast 98 elector aral votes where the polls are tied. new hampshire four votes. pennsylvania 20 votes, romney 2 ahead. ohio 18 vot
Oct 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
house without it? we'll ask the state republican governor, john casic. wisconsin governor scott walker and colorado's democratic governor, john. analysis on what will tip the scales in this tight presidential race. from the round table, from msnbc, rachel maddow, new york times columnist david brooks, washington post columnist, former ceo of hewlett packard, carly. our chief white house correspondent, chuck todd. >>> announcer: from nbc news in washington, "meet the press" with david gregory. >>> good morning on this sunday. as if it wasn't enough to have this tight race, we have inically mat weather bearing down on the east coast. hurricane sandy, a superstorm. it could affect 50 million people along the east coast. we have all of this covered including the political ramifications of the storm in the coming days. we are nine days to go until the election. i want to go live first to asbury bark on the new jersey shore where we go through the latest, including what you were talking about. we could see the aftereffects through election day. >> exactly, david. this is a monster storm. rig
Oct 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
of america here in north carolina and in a moment of may be criticism, he has called me the scott walker of north carolina. i embrace that for several reasons. i think the right to work status for north carolina is extremely important for ongoing economic development. it is one of the reasons we are somewhat rank high as a business-friendly state. without that, we would sink more. we cannot have collective bargaining. the taxpayers or it would go up. >> i have no agenda to change blahs on collective bargaining or right to work. scott walker said he will divide the teachers and state employees and i spent $30 million and a recall and that status torn apart i will have an advisory labor group. w>> we're almost out of time. >> i would have an advisor group and i would love to tell you why. [laughter] >> after the debate. >> i meant that as a great idea. >> are there any republicans that you would bring to cabinet positions or high-ranking administration officials in a dalton administration? >> i will not give you names right now but i would say so. i will not even give you any democratic na
Oct 26, 2012 7:00am EDT
the recall in june and 15%-20% of the people voted for scott walker said they favored barack obama as president. it has been pretty consistent that 1/10 of the electorate, 9% or 10% say they approve of scott walker and barack obama. he becomes was the perfect barometer. republicans have had success winning elections in the last entry years in wisconsin. they have a motive database that will turn out. they also have paul ryan on the ticket. both sides have reasons and positive indicators to look at going into this election. most recently, the obama victory in 2008 and the republican victories in 2010 and 2012. host: new berlin, wisconsin. you are on the line. go ahead. caller: can you explain? you would have to rotate for romney or otherwise you would be fired. guest: the message was not voted for round or you will lose your job. he message was, -- so it was taken by some employees, obviously, as that kind of -- as kind of an inappropriate at a minimum. and so we had some reaction to that, obviously. host: the president will draw the turnout, the public unions drew for the recall. g
Oct 26, 2012 8:00pm EDT
in the gubernatorial races of 2010. there were countiss that president obama one by ten points and scott walker in june won by 20 points. these more rural counties are competitive, ticket splitters and those are going to be counties to watch in central wisconsin come election day. host: how does early voting factor in? guest: we don't have the same tradition. it's been growing but not at the same level. it's known as absentee voting. the window for early voting is narrower now and it's harder to track in wisconsin because we don't have registration by party so if you're trying to figure out which side is winning the early vote, it's more difficult. so i don't think we can say with confidence who has the advantage in the early voting in wisconsin. it will be significant but it won't be at the level like states like colorado. host: are voters required to show i.d.? guest: a law was passed to do that but it's held up in court so they will not be required to show photo i.d. in this election. host: how about as votes are tab bue lated what are the systems in place and what makes sure they are upheld? guest:
FOX News
Oct 21, 2012 12:00am PDT
. but that is scott walker and ryan's wisconsin is not walker's wisconsin. >>> you have been involved in scores and governor, and senate and congress presidential candidates. if you were obama's consultant and i know you are not. but if you were, what would you advise him to do in the final debate? >>> i would have to tell you we work with shared values and so that is a hard mind set, but there are people who believe that the consultant can change the moon and stars. i believe that the truth is relevant. first thing i would tell them to come clean and talk about benghazi. he needs to tell the truth. that i know that is trying to get your teen out of bed in the morning. >>> there is it a big shift in the momentum. mitt romney is up 6 points i realize they are all over the place. are the debates one of the factors that is chacing that? i think certainly among women, is that what made a difference. there is a huge swing. >>> it is it direct from the debates to the voters. not because women don't pay attention to politics but because they are. you can wait for the final evens of the campaign and th
Sep 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
conflicted is they're doing a pretty good job. scott walker has things moving. if you look at mitch daniels, maybe the model for intelligent, effective reform at the state level. there are a the love reasons to believe the underlying system is healthier than washington. my point is, whoever the winner is should put on their scheduled that half their time from that date to the inaugural is spent with all the members of the opposition party, not the leadership, but listenly literally to all the members -- if romney wins he needs to listen to democrats. if obama wins he needs to listen to republicans. they have to reestablish human ties in order to have a genuine opportunity for real compromise. >> they also need to listen to the country, because if you read polls from the country, 80% of the people will say lobbyists have too much power, and 65% of the people will say raise the tax rates at the top. they'll say spend more money on jobs and education. and things like that. so washington's not listening to the country. it's very busy with itself. >> schieffer: i'm listening to the control room.
Oct 26, 2012 4:06pm EDT
counties that barack obama won by 10 points and scott walker won by 20 or 30 points. these very competitive tickets splitters and those are going to be counties to watch in northeastern wisconsin and central wisconsin and western wisconsin. host: how does early voting factor into election day? guest: it is less than a factor in wisconsin that it is in the other states. it has been going, but not at the same level. it is technically known as absentee voting. the window for early voting is narrower now. it is also harder to track in wisconsin because we do not have registration by party. it is little more difficult. i did not think we can say with confidence to has the advantage in the early voting in wisconsin, but the early vote will be significant, but it will not be at the level of states like colorado. host: are voters required to show a photo i.d.? guest: a law was passed under republicans after they took power in 2010 to do that, but it has -- it is held up in court, said they will not be required to show photo id in the selection. host: what systems are in place within a state and wha
Oct 10, 2012 7:30am EDT
poor people? check. he hates puppies? check. scott walker, i know he's running around maybe here tonight, but, you know, scott walker, governor of wisconsin, resists the recall, but he really hated teachers and people like paul ryan, well, he just wants to push grandma over the cliff and whale she's going over the -- while she's going over the cliff, feed her, if she's lucky, a little kibble and bits. this is what they want people to think of really incredibly productive and intelligent conservatives. and it's so over the top that it's ludicrous. now, barack obama as you know is the opposite of all of those things. he loves puppies, he loves people, e loves rainbows -- he loves rainbows, and's a total romantic. this man knows how to wine and dine his wife. unfortunately for us, it's usually on our tax dollars. but he can do no wrong, even after this ridiculous record, this incredible damage that's been done to the united states. none of it matters because the infatuation has turned into a full-blown affair that the media has had with him. now, i know we're going to have audience
Oct 19, 2012 6:00am EDT
republicans, who applauded the efforts of wisconsin scott walker and ohio's john kasich to limit the scope of collective bargaining to outlaw teacher strikes him and to eliminate agencies. these are the fees paid to the unions by non-members. in this perspective unions are all powerful behemoths that need to be reined in, and particularly at the local level where they can easily elect school board members friendly to their positions. they can b be in the position of arguing with themselves. the argument. so with this line of thinking, states need to act to container power, lest they block reform, drive up costs and otherwise do what teachers groups tend to do. on the other side are the progressive reformers, mostly democrats, who bemoan to the tactics of walker and casey can argue for more conciliatory approach. the arne duncan, for example, actor and a big debate in wisconsin, he argued walker's position was quote nonsensical because the unions had already conceded on the key kitchen table issues. they already said will take lower pay, lower benefits. to be sure, these progressives are no
FOX Business
Oct 29, 2012 8:00pm EDT
relief, a gesture, an act, whatever you want to call it. utilizing services for scott walker, exploding out there and passing it along. meanwhile, our accuweather meteorologist joins us now. jim, what can we look forward to tonight? >> this is probably the worst of what we will see. headed forward, slowly improving. at its worst right now, we do see some heavy rain across the northeast and the planet. the heavy rain has sort of moved out of eastern pennsylvania and new jersey. moving onshore and the winds the winds continue to come in with a little that is why we why we are seeing the schools are continuing to be dangerous and -e unprecedented in many cases. central new jersey into coastal new england. as we are watching the high tide come in, that will decrease as we head through the night. winds are vessey, power outages widespread. sixty, 70, 80-mile per hour gusts. the rainfall further inland as
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 176 (some duplicates have been removed)